Summer Reading 2022: 
"Oceans of Possibilities"


​"The Singing Cowgirls" -

Recommended for children and families, groups of 5 - 500!
Kids clap, laugh, sing, dance, and role-play, while the Singing Cowgirl teaches about authentic, historical and modern cowboy & cowgirl life!  Kids learn about westward expansion, blending of cultures, responsibilities of children in the pioneer west, 'cowboy vocabulary', the Spanish influence, the role of horses, and mules, horse training philosophy and methods, and career and lifestyle duties of modern-day cowboys and cowgirls.  

Duration – approx. 50 min., interactive musical storytelling format.  The content is filled with horses, cattle, and mules, which ties in to the 2021 "Tails and Tales" theme. This program also supports several early literacy and core curriculum standards for Language Arts and Social Studies/History.  All props, PA, AV, & prizes provided by presenter.   


"Wow!  What a great program!  All my kids are yodeling in the hallway!" Claire Guitierrez, Youth Librarian, Roswell, NM


For Tweens and Teens:


Other popular programs available for Summer Reading and year 'round:

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Everyday Inspirations - target ages: 11-17

Discover the inspiration in everyday sights, sounds, objects, people, and places in your world.  Learn how important your unique perspective is, and ways to use it to make your work in any genre of fiction or non-fiction shine. Start a story in the genre of your choice and present it for discussion and encouraging positve

critique. Duration: 1 hour.



"Waves" of Sound -

Tweens and teens will have fun discovering how to record and mix a variety of instruments to create a professional sounding demo or home recording of a song! This "Oceans of Possibilities" workshop guides students through hands-on techniques of music recording, mixing, and mastering, using a laptop computer, DAW software, and a few pieces of reasonably-priced audio equipment. During the second half of the workshop, participants will each get to record one or more tracks of their own choosing, or one of my stock songs, and keep the exported file. All levels of creative participants welcome. Musical teens and tweens are encouraged to bring their own instrument and prepare an original song to record themselves singing and playing, if they choose.

Live (indoors or outdoors), Zoom, and video programs available in response to COVID-19!

Library Programs for Kids and Teens


"Sing of the Sea"

Kids and families will sing, clap, dance, role play, in this fun, interactive program about ocean habitats and the historical and modern influence of the ocean on human cultures and communities.

For any theme:


Ukulele for Teens-

or Ukulele for Kids-

or Ukulele for Families-

 Librarians, nationwide, are commenting on the growing interest that teens are showing in playing the ukulele!  This easy beginner workshop introduces new players to the fun of playing the ukulele.  30 specially-marked ukuleles are provided for student use.  Participants play and sing several songs in the session. A short recital is built in at the end. Duration approx. 1 hour.   30 ukuleles provided for student use.  Patrons with their own instruments are also welcome to come and jam along.


"Your interactive music presentation kept the children rhythmically engaged as they clapped, danced, and walked according to your lyrical direction. Another important aspect of your presentation is that you slyly slid history lessons into the show. Our staff members smiled sincerely when, without missing a beat, you promoted our Summer Learning Program by throwing it into your lyrics. We are grateful to you for sharing your time, your knowledge and your original songs.  It was certainly enjoyed by the patrons and staff."Victoria Charnoky, Youth Services Supervisor, Macon County Public Library, Franklin, NC.

Aspen Black

All of Aspen Black's programs are original creations, blending entertainment and educational properties that support literacy and language arts curriculum in all states. Her background as an educator in the public schools, along with over 25 years of experience as a professional musician ensure you a well-organized, thorough, and professional presentation. Aspen Black gets excellent reviews from libraries, schools, cultural centers, churches, festivals, music venues, and community institutions across the country.

Affordable, turnkey programs that get your kids and families involved! Educational and entertaining. Discounts available for multiple programs in one system or geographic region.

Program duration: approx. 50 minutes.  Recommended for children and families, small or large groups.

Songwriting is Fun - target ages 11 -17, classroom sized group

Aspen introduces her "blueprint" for writing any style of song then works with young writers to brainstorm, interject experiences, emotions, and tie it all together into a song that is suitable for self-expression and/or commercial or performance potential. Participants who play an instrument are encouraged to bring it. Otherwise, a notebook and recorder (tape, digital, app) is recommended.  Duration 1 hour, but can be extended to 2 hours or custom time frame.

Peek-A-Boo, Buckaroo!  - Recommended for Story Hour children (toddler through six).  Limit - approx. 30.

 It's cowboy day!  Young children can expect to be entertained, and educated, by nationally award-winning cowgirl poet, singer/songwriter, and horsewoman, Aspen Black.  Aspen brings her newest book, "Peek-A-Boo, Buckaroo!" to life through interactive games, call and response, a craft & game of fantasy, hands-on exploration of real saddles, bridles, bits and other horse items, and musical interpretation.  As an added caveat, children learn about authentic cowboy culture and the craft of cowboy poetry!  "Peek-A-Boo, Buckaroo" finished in the top-five for 2016 Western Music Association Poetry Book of the Year. 
Duration 45 mins. - 1 hour