Library Programs for Kids and Teens

Summer Reading 2019: 

"To the Moon and Beyond!" - All ages/children/youth/families; target audience toddler - pre-teen and their parents/grandparents

Your kids will sing, dance, move, and even create their own lyrics and motions in this interactive musical program that explores America's quest for new frontiers!  From sailing to the New World, to Westward expansion, to landing on the moon, children and families will take a journey through history as well as spark their imagination to explore the galaxy!  After the show, a CD copy of the theme song, "Gonna Fly to the Moon" will be provided to librarians for follow up in story time or as an item for kids to check out and sing along with the lyrics they created in the program! Duration 50 minutes, interactive concert format


Other Programs Available for Summer Reading and Year 'Round:

"The Singing Cowgirl(s)" - Recommended for PreK and Elementary ages, groups large or small​​
See your kids clap, laugh, sing, dance, and role-play ,  while the Singing Cowgirl(s) teach(es) about authentic, historical  and modern, cowboy/girl life!  Kids learn about westward expansion, blending of cultures, responsibilities of children in the pioneer west, 'cowboy vocabulary', the Spanish influence, the role of horses, mules, and wagons in place of cars, horse training philosophy and methods, and modern cowboy/cowgirl life. 
Duration – 50 min., interactive concert format

Aspen Black

Everyday Inspirations - target ages teen-adult

Discover the inspiration in everyday sights, sounds, objects, people, and places in your world.  Learn how important your unique perspective is, and ways to use it to make your work in any genre of fiction or non-fiction shine.
Duration 1 hour, but can be extended to fill up to 2 1/2 hours.

Express Yourself Through Song - target age: pre-teens, teens

Award-winning singer/songwriter Aspen Black guides teen through two basic styles of songwriting: lyrically-driven and melodically-driven.  Then, students are given time to begin writing a song using one of the two methods.  Teens with previous experience on a musical instrument are encouraged to bring their instrument of choice to assist in the writing process, as well as sharing their finished song start.  Non-musical teens may choose from several of Aspen's pre-recorded chord progressions on guitar to provide the musical accompaniment for their original song.  A sharing session concludes this workshop.

Affordable, turnkey programs. Discounts available for multiple programs in one system or geographic region.

"Guitar Like A Star" (Pre-teen & Teen) 

or "Pre-Guitar for Kids" (PreK - elementary)
Kids can play songs in the first five minutes!  Children learn to make chords, strum, count in rhythm, change chords, and play/sing along to familiar children's songs.  Instruments provided. Limit 30 participants per session, or 60 in a combined session.  Older kids use classroom sized guitars and play easy - intermediately challenging songs up to 3-4 chords and learn a basic riff.  Younger kids in the Pre- Guitar program use ukuleles and play easy children's songs, up to three chords.  All instruments are specially tuned and marked to fit the program. A combined session for of Pre-Guitar and Guitar Like a Star can be arranged for groups with wider age ranges.

Duration approx. 1 hour. 30 guitars (plus 30 ukuleles in combined session) are provided for student use.  Patrons with their own guitars or ukuleles are welcome to bring them, regardless of ability level, and jam along.

Ukulele for Teens-

or Ukulele for Kids-

or Ukulele for Families-

 Librarians, nationwide, are commenting on the growing interest that teens are showing in playing the ukulele!  This easy beginner workshop introduces new players to the fun of playing the ukulele.  30 specially-marked ukuleles are provided for student use.  Teens play and sing several songs in the session. A short recital is built in at the end. Duration approx. 1 hour.   30 ukuleles provided for student use.  Patrons with their own instruments are also welcome to come and jam along.

Songwriting is Fun - target ages 10 -17, or adult

Aspen introduces her "blueprint" for writing any style of song then works with young writers to brainstorm, interject experiences, emotions, and tie it all together into a song that is suitable for self-expression and/or commercial or performance potential. Participants who play an instrument are encouraged to bring it. Otherwise, a notebook and recorder (tape, digital, app) is recommended. 
 Duration 1 hour, but can be extended to 2 hours or custom time frame.

Peek-A-Boo, Buckaroo!  - Recommended for Story Hour children (toddler through six).  Limit - approx. 30.

 It's cowboy day!  Young children can expect to be entertained, and educated, by nationally award-winning cowgirl poet, singer/songwriter, and horsewoman, Aspen Black.  Aspen brings her newest book, "Peek-A-Boo, Buckaroo!" to life through interactive games, call and response, a craft & game of fantasy, hands-on exploration of real saddles, bridles, bits and other horse items, and musical interpretation.  As an added caveat, children learn about authentic cowboy culture and the craft of cowboy poetry!  "Peek-A-Boo, Buckaroo" finished in the top-five for 2016 Western Music Association Poetry Book of the Year. 
Duration 45 mins. - 1 hour