Aspen Black Productions - Rocky Mount VA

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"When the parents are on the ground crawling right next to their kids, you know something great is happening!  ... I could book this program every year."  S. Meyers, Children's Librarian, Stevens Central Library, San Angelo, TX


All Programs are very reasonably priced, for the value. Your total cost depends on the number of programs booked and the time frame.  Programs are available year 'round, however, not all duo programs are available on all dates, due to individual touring schedules.  Discounts are given for more than one program on the same, or adjoining, day(s) within the same school or library system. Travel and lodging is often included in your quote, or you are welcome to provide lodging as part of your offer.

Not well funded? Don't automatically think you have to miss out.  Packages, or individual programs, can often be customized to fit within a variety of budgets. Just Ask! Or, if you're willing to be flexible on dates, we can sometimes work with you to find an additional discount. 


Aspen Black

Why Book Us?

  • We connect with audiences of all ages
  • All programs are customized to fit your chosen age group and time frame
  • All programs, workshops, or concerts are unique, with many based on, or solely comprised of, our original works - many nationally awarded
  • We are professional, organized, and flexible
  • Our programs are authentic and warm, presented with the same interest and care we give to our family and friends
  • Our programs are interactive and cover all major learning styles
  • You get excellent value for your money, good communication, press releases and promotional support (as applicable) and we always arrive early!