Take a road-trip adventure with touring musician, Aspen Black! From clap-along beats to meditative finger picking, patrons will laugh, think, feel, question, enjoy, and gain a deeper appreciation into the culture and geography ofAmerica's towns, cities, highways, byways, landscapes, and rural communities. This multimedia concert features tightly-woven stories set to music alongside original poems and photographs.  A Q&A session follows the concert for patrons interested in a more in-depth look at the writing process. 

Aspen Black at the Starburst Storytelling Festival, Anderson County Library, Anderson, SC

Songs & Stories of the American West - with Kerry Grombacher & Aspen Black - adults/all ages:
Two nationally-touring professional singer-songwriters team up for a concert that is top-notch, culturally educational, and fun for all.  Aspen, (horse trainer and former rodeo cowgirl), and Kerry (degree in American Cultural Studies and graduate studies in Ethno-musicology) give you an inside view of the people and places that define the west, both in modern times and throughout history. This duo has performed together all over the country since 2014. 

Duration: 1 hour, or customized to fit your schedule. 

Everyday Inspirations - Adult Writing Workshop
Discover your own story through inspiration found in everyday sights, sounds, objects, people, and places in your world.  Learn how important your unique perspective is, and how to use it to make your writing in any genre shine! With lots of opportunities for discussion and writing exercises, this is a perfect activity for literary-minded adult patrons or a library-sponsored writing group.

Duration: standard version - 1 hour.  Extended version - 2 hours. 

That Song!

Songwriting for Adults

This workshop is the adult version of Aspen's teen workshop by the same name. Participants will analyze three popular and/or timeless songs, learn the basics of songwriting, then work together to create a song start of their own.  A recording of the song created is given to the librarian after the workshop.

Adults learning to play ukulele in Aspen's workshop in the Silver City, NM library.

AMERICAN JOURNEYS (Concert/Storytelling Program)

Aspen Black & Kerry Grombacher in concert, Historic Homestake Opera House, Lead, SD

Library Programs for Adults

A participant sharing lyrics written in the workshop.

Themed Concerts and Teaching Artist Presentations:

Ukelele for Adults -
Everyone loves to make music, and this fun workshop will have adults playing their first song within five minutes!  The easy zero and one-finger chords and familiar songs make it possible for even the most musically-challenged minds to get in the swing of things (pun intended) and make music! 30 soprano ukuleles provided for patron use during the program. While aimed at beginners, intermediate and experienced players are encouraged to attend, as well. Patrons and staff with their own ukuleles are welcome to bring them and jam along. The workshop ends with a group concert, as well as an opportunity to feature any participants who want to share their own song.

60's & 70's Folk Favorites - Adults/ all ages 

This themed concert rolls out one after another of 60's - 70's folk favorites. Expect your audience to clap and sing along as the music transports them into good memories of yesteryear!

​​Do your adult patrons want to make music of their own?

Aspen Black at the Watertown Regional Library, Watertown, SD

Aspen Black, Humanities Program, Coffeyville, KS


Aspen Black