Aspen Black


Performance-Only or Instrumental.  Click here for more information.

Introduction to Cowboy Music - Cultural/American Studies Concert - grades 2 - 5 (classroom)  or K-5 assembly
See your kids clap, laugh, sing, dance, and play real instruments, all while learning about authentic authentic, historical  and modern, cowboy/girl life!  Kids dive right in, clip-clopping along to "Come Ride With Me", learning to yodel with "The Yodeling Mule", traveling to "Cowbuqerque", NM, with Cody, the songwriting steer, 'tooting' along to "That Smell" (let's face it, bathroom humor reigns supreme, and it's especially fun barnyard style!), and everyone, even staff and parents, likes dancing to the "Cowgirl Shuffle"!  All the while, kids learn about the responsibilities and freedoms of children in the pioneer west, geography & topography of the western states, 'cowboy vocabulary', the Spanish influence, what children did for fun in the old west, the role of horses and mules in place of tractors and cars, and career & lifestyle prospects for the modern cowboy/cowgirl. 
30 - 45 min. or one class period (classroom) or 45 min. - 1 hr. (assembly), or custom.

From Idea to Radio- school assembly program for all elementary and middle grades (Pre-K - 5/6), (6-8)

Students interactively learn how a modern song is created, from the first inspiration to the final recording phase, with full instrumentation. As the lyrics unfold, students explore fairness, respect, and alternatives to anger. Then, students play paper instruments along to each track in the recording process, learning which instruments are most used in modern recording and how to pick each instrument's voice out of a final radio-style mix.  Lastly,  student volunteers come on stage to play real instruments to the final mix, while their friends and classmates all jam along from their seats! 45 mins. - 1 hour, or custom.

School Assemblies and Classroom Programs

Songwriting is Fun! (Lower Grades 2-3, Upper Grades 4- 6, 7-8)

All students learn modern song structure, where to find inspiration, and how songs relate to stories with main ideas & supporting details.  Students will brainstorm on topics and details to create a group song (1 verse and 1 chorus), complete with a melody and rhyme scheme.

In addition, upper grade students will explore the business of songwriting and songwriting as a career choice. 45- 50 min., or one class period